CNC Machining is our core competence.
We are technologically able to manufacture complex components with tolerances of up to 0.005 mm and to measure them with the help of coordinate measuring machines. We also produce very fine surfaces for your special applications that are absolutely free of burrs, nicks and grease and can have them refined if necessary. 


For our milled part production, we have 3, 4 and 5 axis machines as well as turning and milling centers with counter spindles.

Processing Area: 600 x 400 x 400 mm ( x – y – z)


We process the following materials for your turned and milled parts:

NF-Metalls: Brass, Copper , Red Brass, Aluminium
Steels: Machining Steel, Construction Steel, Stainless Steel, Tooling Steel
Kunststoffe: PEEK, POM, PA, PTFE. 

Additional Solutions

Grinding, fine deburring, gear cutting, knurling, broaching
E-polishing, anodizing, nickel-plating, galvanizing, burnishing


For the production of turned parts, we have universal lathes, multi-axis machines with driven tools and CNC automatic lathes at our disposal.

Universal - Turning

Bar: ∅ 2 – 40 mm
Feed: ∅ 20 – 300 mm
Length: 20 – 250 mm

Bar Machining

Bar: ∅ 5 – 20 mm
Length: 5 – 150 mm

Bar - Form Machining

Round Bar: ∅ 4 – 65 mm
Square – Hex – Octagonal: SS 46 – 55 – 58 mm
Length: 20 – 150 mm

Bar - Sliding Machining

Bar: ∅ 2- 26 mm
Length: 3 – 250 mm

Products & Customers

We mostly manufacture:

  • Housings, valves, special screws and metallic sealing elements for pressure regulators and sensors.
  • Components for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.
  • Connection elements, closures, distributors, adapters in the field of drinking water supply and medical technology.
  • General mechanical components for special machine construction.
  • High-Precision parts for military applications.

Our Customers

  • Large corporations from the fields of energy, automation and medical technology that need long-term solutions and large quantities.
  • Medium-sized special machine builders that we supply with several assemblies but in smaller quantities.
  • Machiners from Europe whose capacities are exhausted or rely on external technologies and who need reliable and fast support for their orders.
  • Product developers struggling to find suppliers for their prototypes.

Product Examples

Our Shop

In our modern production facility in Blankenfelde-Mahlow near Berlin, we focus primarily on rapid prototyping, initial sample production and the production of small and medium-sized series for sectors such as medical technology, aviation and sensor technology.

We devote our full concentration to your projects, cooperate intensively with the application engineers, find out the best possible tools and processing strategies. Furtermore we build clamping and testing devices for optimal process reliability.

We “clone” our production for your large series: After consultation with you and after successful sample approval and circulation of a small series from our own shop, we pass on the know-how to our production partners with more capacities: CAM programs, tool lists, tested samples, control plans, information on certain features of the components, copies of our fixtures and possibly also certain tools. This means that after just a few machine or program-related adjustments, our manufacturing partners are immediately ready to start without any headaches, and we use their capacities safely and stress-free.

Since we test all details in advance, we do not leave the cost breakdown to our partners. We have full cost control. Because at this stage we already know all the parameters and costs as well as the hourly rates.

Our next advantage is that our own production is ready for use at any time. Just for back up.

The result: full security of supply. Lower costs. Highest precision.


For us, quality primarily means “understanding”.
That is why our quality assurance does not start in the measuring room during production, but rather with our customers. Our plants already have state-of-the-art test equipment and devices and are ISO 9001 certified.

Understanding customers

If possible, we visit our customers on site and look at the examples of the components to be manufactured, see where they are used and learn what to look out for.

Supplier Selection

We determine which plants are suitable for the respective projects based on our experience, where we procure the materials and / or where our plants are allowed to procure them. This also applies to ancillary services.

Monitoring Production

We also visit our plants and take a closer look at the implementation, especially when it comes to prototyping, pass on our know-how and ensure that production is running properly.


Acceptance test certificates, control plans, measurement protocols are archived as standard both by us and by our plants, so that they can be sent to you at any time upon request.

Final Control in Berlin

In Berlin, in particular, we carry out visual inspections. Quantity, burr, damage or dirt-free components and, in suspicious cases, random dimensional checks are carried out by us.

Up to Date

We monitor the movement of goods, the currency of the certificates, compliance with our instructions, capacities and technological development of our plants not only during sampling, but also permanently.

Your Benefits

We’re not just a local supplier, we’re a nifty organization.
By clearly distributing the roles in our organization, we ensure excellent synergy.
This synergy allows us great flexibility, more scope for solutions and better calculation options.

By cooperation with us, you will primarily benefit from the following advantages:

Thanks to our central location in Berlin, our customers already benefit from our following services:

    • Kanban-Delivery
    • Consignment Stock
    • Stockpilig
    • Just-in-Time
    • Marking and labeling according to customer specifications
    • Delivery in customer’s own or our reusable packaging.

We are not dependent on a single plant and its machine park. We have our A suppliers. Although these have their own core competencies in detail, they still have very similar technologies and standards.

We are therefore able to qualify your long-term, recurring components at two plants. This means that we can cover your peaks in demand not only vertically by using the reserve capacities of the primary plant, but also horizontally, if necessary, by using the capacities of the secondary plant.

At your request and by agreement, we can even set up completely isolated, own production lines for your projects. For this purpose, we procure new systems if necessary, or have existing systems isolated from the rest. This means that only your components are manufactured on these specific machines, which in turn are only operated by specially trained personnel. Also the materials are stored separately.

Depending on the geometry, technology and schedule, we determine where your projects can be produced most effectively. Our plant and our A-suppliers in Turkey as well as our A-suppliers in Germany stand for this.

About Us

VolTech Machined Parts e.K. was founded in 2015 by Dipl.-Bw. (B.A.) Volkan Cinar in Berlin after many years of experience in drive technology and on the international industrial market.

In our first year, our customers were more product developers and small special machine builders
with diverse, short-term and small quantities. 

Through this collaboration at the beginning, we have gained immense experience with a wide variety of geometries, tolerances, materials, surfaces and quantities under great time pressure. So we recognized the weak points very early and saw where we are good at and what we had to optimize. That was a self-identification stage for us.

Based on the above experience and the associated further development in terms of capacities, technologies and optimization of our organization, we have since been supplying not only smaller customers, but also predominantly medium-sized special machine manufacturers and large corporations with very sensitive components.

We are an organization. We are a premium service provider. We are VOLTECH.

If you would like to find out more about our services or have current projects,

we look forward to your inquiry.


Tel. +49 030 239 203 20

VolTech Machined Parts e.K.
Goerzallee 299
D-14167, Berlin – Germany

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